Crate & Barrel Knife Sharpening Workshop

Now through October 6, 2018

Crate & Barrel Knife Sharpening Workshops
Every 1st Saturday of the month at 2 pm

A sharp knife is one of the best tools a cook can have on hand. To keep your knives cutting cleanly, try a honing rod or an electric sharpener:
A rod will realign the knife's edge to the center. An electric sharpener will sharpen the blade evenly, then polish the surface to a fine finish.

Learn about these techniques from Crate & Barrel's experts and keep your knives in razor sharp condition -- join us the first Saturday of every month at 2 pm for a complete demonstration!

Demo knives will be available but it is encouraged that customers bring their own Wusthof, Shun and/or Global knives.

For questions and for more information, please call (520) 299-7100.